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Just like your momma used to say, "please don't judge this book by its cover." Breadcrumbs has 64 pages, filled with beautiful 35mm photos of urban decay, graffiti, trains, and nature overtaking humanity. There is a palatable sense of joy and hope in these youthful perspectives of what may otherwise seem like dark and danger-filled spaces. Doorways are bricked over. Dogs are frolicking amongst exposed rebar. Horses and goats are chilling in abandoned lots filled with quickie throws.

There are plenty of philly handstyles, pieces from NISER, NEKST, OBUR, DRAMA, GYER, and more, trackside vistas, and rooftop night lights. However, the graff is just a part of what makes this book a proper glimpse into what makes Philly special. Harrison Doyle catches the quiet side of this city that can be so exciting to urban explorers. Lay back and dig deep into this crumbling wonderland.

signed & hand numbered first edition of 75 copies
64 page black and white on white paper, perfect bound with glossy cardstock cover - 8.5" x 8.5"

design & production: HARRISON DOYLE - 2018