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This double zine set is a premium travelogue epic. Bread Line is both a giant book of West Coast full color haze - expired 35mm photos, and a lengthy written journal from an existential British punk cyclist. The combination of the two zines feed into each other, informing the story behind the photos as well as the illustration for your imagination. D.E. Hammers tells of a happiness in his loneliness while also showing the strength of the punk community and the regular handouts / gifts from strangers.

America really looks like itself through the eyes of an outsider. Plymouth UK based South Coast Rats / D.E. Hammers does a superb task of framing the margins of the West Coast dream; lots of graff, crushed cars, old signs, blue skies, peeled paint, street kids, and drive-ins. In the b/w zine, the writing is very matter of fact; it showcases the small moments of life that are amplified while being on the road in a strange land. The Bread Line zine set is an affordable rarity for your travel collection.

Comes with two printed stickers from the South Coast Rats & KRIME

first edition of 50 copies
(2 Zines) - 40 page full color laser printing on text weight paper & 13 page black and white on copy paper

design & production : D.E. Hammers & South Coast Rats - 2019