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Its baaack.... Issue #13 of Boxcar Art Forever brings the best of the enigmatic moniker culture to light in black and white printed form. With a cover from NFKT, a feature on the work of living legend, LAMPS, and interviews with Team Enemy and a very special one with Greeze, 3 Sheets, and Cemetary of the WBDK Clique, this issue is a must for anyone who follows the marginal scribbling that travel this continent's rail bed arteries.

There are not that many zines that make it to 13 issues. A seemingly unlucky number, issue thirteen of Boxcar Art Forever will make you feel lucky that you got your hands on this deep document of moniker culture. Bob the Bencher brings the usual heat with his documentation of the sidebar conversations in oil marker known as freight train monikers. These little drawings and scribbled names are older than the sprayed graffiti on trains, and the culture lives on with this new generation of writers. This issue has work from Reader, Saxon, Freight Bandit, So Low No, Wild Sardine, Fat Adam, The Agency, Whistle Blower, Aware, Vauxhall, Hugo, and so many more.

Comes with a hand drawn stickers from Greeze & Three Sheets of WBDK, as well as a few slaps from ol' Bob the Bencher himself

hand numbered edition of 100 copies
22 page b/w on plain white copy paper: hardcore.

design & production : Bob the Bencher - 2019