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Born To Write #2 is the creation of NFKT, a moniker writer and a lurker of the Pittsburgh area's deep graffiti spots. The zine opens with nine solid pages of tiny oil drawings on freight trains. It's an excellent curation of names and images from Goya, Lamps, Organs, Fowl, Virginia Zeke, The Kodak Kidd, J.B. King Esq., Already Made, Coaltrain, and many many more.

The next nine pages are mixed spray pieces from a large variety of trains and letter styles; intermodals, boxes, grainers, coil cars, and autoracks. The final section of the zine focuses on tags and pieces in the streets of Pittsburgh. Feast your eyes on a white out tag from Awal, a through-fence spray by Kids DAC in 2008, a flowing simple from Paebak, and a tall Apes from 2007. Good stuff here: Made with 100% heart and DIY handiwork.

Comes with a hand drawn sticker and a printed sticker from NFKT.

Second edition of 50 copies
(first edition was super limited and distributed between close friends)
26 page color / black and white mixed inkjet printing.
Signed and numbered. - 5.5" x 8.5"

design & production : NFKT - 2020