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Born To Write #1 is a glimpse into the Western PA lifestyle of NFKT. Split into two zines; half features new & classic Pittsburgh walls, while the other half is focused solely on contemporary freight train monikers. The production value is straight no chaser, a documentation of a particular time and place.

The walls section brings classic funk from NECS, ONOROCK, RAMS, KEEL, & EVICT along with new stuff CECS, PEAR, BADHAT, SERK and more. With Pittsburgh's reputation of heavy prosecution and relentless buff, it is special to have record of this hidden history.

The moniker section looks to be NFKT's specialty. Born To Write has all the current selection of markal grinders and so many that I have never seen. The moniker world is really coming into it's own with a new phase of writers and BTW#1 is where they are all at. Images of outhouses, hobo ghosts, tall deer, flying mountains, hatchets, rolling landscapes, owls, lamps, and whistles are the icing on the cake for rolling stock aficionados. If you are looking for the simultaneous past & future of freight graffiti, here it is.

Comes with two printed stickers from NFKT.

First edition of 50 copies
30 page double-sided b/w printing on medium stock. Signed and numbered.

design & production : NFKT - 2018