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This one feels special, and by the size of the printed edition, 65 copies, it is definitely limited. Louisville boxcar artist, Wooden Axle, brings us a new transmission from a life spent working and writing on the railroad. Black Book is a magazine sized collection of stickers and drawings from some very heavy hitters of the contemporary moniker culture spanning the last ten years plus. It's cool cause you mostly see these names written on steel and here you get another side to their characters and sign offs.

The East Coast Walker has a brush pen set of drawings with a personal message to Wooden Axle. There's lots of great art from Colossus of Roads (the cover art, a cool pic of buz and Axle chilling next to a tanker car, etc.). There is also a reprint of an interesting interview with Wooden Axle from Faded Glory Magazine in 2011. He's the real thing, and the real thing is hard to find.

comes with a printed vinyl sticker from Wooden Axle @

first edition of 65 copies
40 page full color printing on laser paper with a cardstock cover, perfect bound - 8.5" x 11"

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design & production: NEAR ZINE - 2021
Kentucky, USA