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Brisbane Australia, aka Bin City...
Pentel Fanboy and the folks from Pleb Press have blessed us with a comprehensive scene report from the other side of the globe. Bincity #3 shows the worldwide impact of graffiti culture and more specifically the force of a tag.

This is a special gem for those who are interested in handstyles with spread after spread of trashcans, dumpsters, and walls with clear closeups by marker fans from Down Under. Bincity #3 has mops, white-outs, spray tags, funky styles, ignorant hands, and flexible throwies. This zine proves that there is something to gain from studying the work of writers that you don't already know. The letters and connections will definitely open doors for those who are interested in seeing something different.

Comes with a grip of drawn stickers from RASH 1 and the FUN KLUB and a blank Aussie postal label.

first edition of 100 copies, hand numbered
46 page black & white printing with a stenciled cardstock cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

design: PENTEL FANBOY - 2019
production: PLEB PRESS - 2019