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Do you think deeply about the connections between subcultures; how the bad kids club has mutated over the years? Have you ever worn a leather or jean jacket that had your soul painted on the back? This zine may help you sleep at night.

Battle Jackets is more like a poster and essay combo than your typical zine. It follows the outsider underground through WW2 bomber pilots, LA car clubs, roaming motorcycle gangs, the street gangs of 70's NYC, the birth of contemporary graffiti culture, English punk rockers, and speed metal headbangers to the 21st century hybridized commercialized digital kids. For those who would prefer the pictures to the words, there is an 11" x 17" collage poster of battle jackets over the years. Makes you feel like the last 100 years is compressed into one rebellious blink of an eye.

first edition of 75
6 pages of text & 11" x 17" poster, printed on colored paper. A very unique zine folding and production method.

design & content : Adam Void - 2018
production : Cut in the Fence - 2018