Oakland A's colors blazing, Bay Area graff punk artist/musician Ian Vanek brings another dose of his long standing fanzine. This one has freights, throwies, and tags from what's really out there on the streets, and also some gems from KYT and 4DC, plus a feature page from Jahstar. To add to the graff, there are plenty of motorcycle logos, cave paintings, plastic bag logos, and humanized fruit, but also a full page of memories from Ian about his 5 favorite punk shows from the 90's (including seeing Green Day and Tilt at a fairgrounds).

The big feature in this zine is a ten page interview with Boots Riley, a legendary Oakland area activist (80s to current), filmmaker, and musician. Boots fronted the political hip-hop group, The Coup, worked with Tom Morello on a project called Street Sweeper, and also did a recording with Japanther. It's a solid interview between two people with deep knowledge of each other's history. They dig into the primacy of rhythm, the entanglements of corporations and art making, and the origins of soul music, among other (now archived) juicy bits of knowledge. Real good stuff.

first edition of 100
38 page double sided lime green risograph printing on bright yellow paper - 5.5" x 8.5"

** Postage Paid in the USA **

design & production: IAN VANEK - 2021
West Coast, USA