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99mm is a fanzine; it pushes simple high-contrast images paired with lots of random bits of whatever else Ian wants to include. A letter from the editor at the beginning details his belief in the importance of graffiti as "a semi-tangible, non-violent form of rebellion in society." This viewpoint is well demonstrated in the following pages, with plenty of graff from both coasts as well as action shots from Goya HD 907 and a scene report from Bangkok Thailand.

The gold here can be found in the eleven page feature & interview with Mega T2B. He comes from a tight knit Brooklyn-based graffiti family with a Dad and brother who were both writers, while growing up with Setup and Tie (RIP) during the mid to late 90s. This is another missing piece of NYC graffiti history with so many intimate stories and viewpoints from a bomber mainstay on New York's streets.

first edition of 100
22 page double sided royal blue risograph printing on light yellow paper - 5.5" x 8.5"

design & production: IAN VANEK - 2021