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Wow, BZEE's zines keep getting better and better. Spray Snakes is a perfect blend of trippy, early hip hop influenced illustrations and graffiti flicks from around his circle of MC & NSF crews and others. There is an eye for the classics, with a very cool Cycle IHU piece from the 90s, and some OG NYC stuff from Revs, Zephyr, and more. All that old-school style comes back around to today in pages and pages of fun spritzers from Cecs, Poster, Optimist, Dever, and Tarot. There's a five page feature on Thailand, four pages of NYC trash trains, and lots of cool collages from vintage magazine adverts. 


This pack comes with a four page minizine, Wicked Pissa #4, and two 1in buttons. The minizine looks to be a memorial for Gage. It has some beautiful Philly Wickets, fillins, and a bridge walk out from him. There are some special Grunts-era pieces from Oze 108 & Gen 2 in the mix here too. Add the colorful minibuttons and you have a great package from a writer who continues to hold it down in their own unique way. 


  • first edition
    comes with two 1" minibuttons, and a four page black and white minizine, with a printed poster centerfold.

    32 pages, double sided color printing on glossy paper, staple bound - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production: BZEE MC NSF - 2024
    New Yawk City, NY

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