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Holy smoke, this doesn't feel like a zine... it feels more like a movie, more like a dream. Over the course of four years, San Francisco based artist, Anson Cyr has been on-and-off haunting the little town of Mexico City (CDMX) armed with a 35mm camera and an estranged eye. This collection of photos titled, HUECO feels shocking and wild in a time where all of Western culture feels numb and constrained. It's all wrapped up in stunning risograph colors on exotic paper with an embossed cover. Boss.

The kids put on twisted masks, fuck with the underworlds both on earth and beyond, smiling like a clown while scaring the shit out of you at the same time. The graffiti is real. The trains are real. The nature is real, and so is the danger. HUECO stands up as an important statement in contemporary photography (no exaggeration), and will be remembered.



SKU: 0033
  • first edition of 200 copies, hand numbered & embossed
    7" x 9.75" - 56 page full color risograph printing on thick 100gram paper

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    photography : Anson Cyr - 2018 > 2021
    published : Burnt Bra Press - 2021
    printed : Crater Invertido - 2021
    Mexico City, Mexico

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