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RTMONE's passion for character-driven graffiti is apparent through his deep questioning and insightful interview style, as well as the writers he features. Faces N' Chases is a showcase for just that. It's international in scope, featuring work from Austria, the Canary Islands, Italy, USA, Belgium, and more. The styles vary from high contrast realistic, to abstract simplistic, and grotesque new school. The graff is always real and inhabits different forms of the illegal aesthetic, feeling highly different than murals or "street art" (the other places where characters live on the streets).

There's a touching statement from JABER about the life of AWARE. there's LA FLEUJ, a gender twisted French bomber that rocks sick new school simples of indecipherable intimate body parts. There's a good interview with AVOID NGC detailing highlights from the last 25 years of painting. So many good interviews in this thing, where they get deep on so many aspects of the graffiti game. Worth as much as any book, and will probably inspire you to do cooler stuff.

comes with a few printed stickers from Faces N' Chases



SKU: 0032
  • first edition of 444 copies, signed by RTMONE
    72 page (thick) full color printing on laser paper with a cardstock cover, staple bound - 8.25" x 6"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & edited : RTMONE - 2021
    production : GROW UP PUBLISHING - 2021
    Athens, Greece

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